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Permanent exhibition on the origins of Andy Warhol

This is a conceptually unique exhibition in Europe. It consists of valuable authentic materials, artifacts from the life of Andy Warhol or those obtained or borrowed from the survivors and relatives of the artist, instruments and props, which are indicative of the Rusyn origin of the artist. The most valuable artifacts in this exhibit include the authentic camisole, in which the sons of Júlia and Andrej Warhol, Paul, John, and Andy were baptized. Visitors may see here Andy's personal belongings – his authentic camera, a cassette player, sunglasses, a prayer book, and the clothing of the artist. The following large-sized documents are displayed in the permanent exhibit on the origins of Andy Warhol:

  • an authentic instrument, in which Andy Warhol renounced his succession rights to the property in his parents' village of Miková,
  • the document of the year 1947confirming the origin of the artist,
  • a copy of the death certificate of Andy Warhol,
  • the likenesses of Andy's childhood, his father, mother, siblings, and relatives,
  • a prayer for Andy.

This exposition is enriched by the works of Paul Warhola and his son James. Paul was an artist, an amateur, he was the eldest brother of Andy Warhol. He lived on a farm near Pittsburgh. His work can be considered art experiments because he produced colourful decorative images using the impressions of chicken feet on different colour backgrounds. The son of James Warhola is a professional artist who creates illustrations for children´s books. In this exhibition, he presents himself by oil paintings The Modern Gladiator and The Magician´s Wor­kshop.

The exposition also contains a document of the signature campaign for the establishment of the Museum organised by Michal Cihlář and Aleš Najbrt in the year 1989, which was signed by, among others, by many personalities of the political and cultural life, from among whom we can mention Václav Havel and Milan Knížák.

Permanent exhibition of the works of Andy Warhol

This is the most extensive and most prestigious part of the Museum. It represents the works of Andy Warhol. It consists of the works lent to this Museum by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in New York City, from the collections of private collectors and from the works which are the property of the Museum. The visitors may perceive the conceptual idea of the exposition in the spirit of pop-art. Works of art are arranged in continuity with wall-papered panels, while acting in symbiosis and forming a single visual unit.

The exposition is conceptually designed in such a way that it presents all the important creative periods of the artist, including his dominant visual themes – The American Death, The Art of the Art, portraits of famous personalities. Here you will find not only the best known works, such as Cambell's Soups, Marilyn, Camouflage, but also the works like, for example, Flowers (Black and White), or a work representative of Warhol's pre-pop-art period of coloured line drawing „In the Bottom of My Garden“.

From the releases of the magazine Andy Warhol's Interview, the Museum owns two issues – the originals of November and December 1974. One of them is signed by the hand of the artist. The complete 1986 magazine issues are displayed in the exhibition signed by Andy Warhol.

A montage footage of Warhol's films is displayed on the TV screen in loops, the „Screen Test“- „Warhol eating a Hamburger“ and the Andy Warhol TV exposition in New York – originally an accelerated version.

The exposition is complete with Andy Warhol's authentic clothing – such as his snake skin jacket, a jacket, a shirt, and a tie.

Permanent exhibition of Street-art vs. Pop-art

This is the latest exposition of the Museum. It displays the works of major artists who personally knew Andy Warhol, were inspired by his works or have a direct reference to his artistic legacy. In this exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to see, among other things, the works of art by major authors, such as Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bambi, Poppy, and others. This exposition is unique of its kind.

Visually, this composition also contains poster compositions of workshops inspired by street art of Jitka Kopejtková, a Prague photographer and paining artist. The graphical composition of the Slovak artist Radko Repický is displayed on the walls of the exposition.

The atmosphere of this exposition is completed by the film Banksy – Exit Throught The Gift Shop, which provides an insight into the life of the street-artists and showcases their work.

The prolonged exposition of Blanka Jakubčíková consists of oversized portraits of the women who influenced the life and works of Andy Warhol and inspired by authoress, who was painting them in the Museum during her staying Medzilaborce. The exposition is only accessible on request and accompanied by a lector.

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